Who is Marabelle Blue?

You've watched me on KEM TopTalk, read my editorials on Kink~E Magazine, and my "out of the box" comments on Twitter.

Welcome to my site and MY world. You are here because you ready to serve and complete my needs.

I AM the Goddess Divine!

you wish you were worthy enough to serve.


You will come correct when addressing me, as Goddess or "Yes Ma'am". Failure to address me accordingly I will not respond and it will cost you.

You will come with a tribute - no tribute - no communication.

Back and forth banter for any type of negotiations will not be tolerated. Any attempt of negotiation will cost you.

Your financial hardships are not MY problems.

If you set a time to speak with me, I do not expect to wait, failure to miss a call or be one minute late will cost you.

Your purpose is to serve me and fulfil my wants.

Be proactive and anticipate my needs without me asking for it.

I do not travel under any circumstances. All my interactions are online and online only. Failure to accept and try to negotiate terms with me for your own personal desires will cost you.

Follow MY rules and you will learn how to be the subservient you were meant to be.

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